ESBB Symposium Izmir, Turkey, December 3-4, 2015. Skype Presentation: Sentence Completion Activities and Shared Attentional Frames

The Power Point for the Presentation:

Sentence Completion Activities as Process-Based Learning and Assessment

The Handout for the Presentation:

Sentence Completion Handout for Ismir Presentation-2Page


To effectively view the video, please press the icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the player to go to full screen so details can be seen. As directed, press ESC to return to a normal screen view.

Please note variations to using screen capture software such as using the video function from a smart phone and recording (i.e., narrating) about what is written on a sheet of paper, as Case Tim does further on down the page. For the Sentence Completion as an assessment and/or learning strategy, this could be a very practical application.

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I will be revising the directions in the coming weeks and during the Spring Semester 2016, providing human subjects paperwork goes through.

Single Sentence FALA Directions 9-25-15 These go with the Single Sentence Model Video

A Working Model of a Rubric: 10-15-Working-Model-45-Point-Rubric-for-FALA

Case Tim: A variation of a Thesis and Supporting Detail Presentation. A large poster was not used. A small graphic organizer was done on a sheet of notebook paper, and Case Tim used a pencil to point at the small visual. He was summarizing the information for home vegetable gardening, and if you listen closely between his pauses, he really does a fine job explaining all the main idea and supporting detail information, though you will might have to listen carefully with headphones. A transcription will be forthcoming. 

The relationship of this video to the sentence completion activity is that a smart phone camera can be substituted for the screen capture software for steps in the assessment when an explanation of the main idea and supporting detail is used.

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Here is a video I created for a recent ELT conference in Adana, Turkey.

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Data From Case Mawng

Case Mawng (Data Collected Summer 2002 and appearing in Unger & Walter, 2010): An example of signification and mediation, in addition to creating a Shared Attentional Frame

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Case Mawng in the midst of making a kind of iconic gesture with both hands and saying “boop, boop” to signify the word “lights,” to which a member of the audience, Nathaneee, responds. (see Unger & Walter, 2010; this screen-snapshot appears in that paper). Also note her pen specifically pointing at specific section of her visual as she speaks.


Alright and then in twentieth century there’s more like development

they have electric city

to help, you know Boop Boop, you know, help to highlight the story (note the opening and closing of the hands here)


to make it much more like

Participant B: lights—(The response)

Participant A: exciting uh-huh. And the last one

Participant A saying, “to help, you know Boop Boop, you know, help to highlight the story.”

Below is the Tree Diagram Box that Mawng has the pen pointing to and which she is talking about when Participant B responds with “lights” after seeing the kind of iconic, closing and opening of the hands.

Box on Tree diagram


(for more detail see Unger & Walter, 2010)


A Model of  Shared Attentional Frame, adapted from Tomasello (2003)

This model of a Shared Attentional Frame, which has evolved from several studies, is a synthesis of Tomasello’s graphic representation of the “Structure of Linguistic Symbol” (Tomasello, p. 29) and Tomasello’s original graphic representation of  Joint Attentional Frame (Tomasello, p. 26)



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