Two Akha Brothers: Video of the Main Idea and Supporting Detail; Text of Story is below the Video

Two Akha Brothers Divided a Turtle
This is a presentation of the Main Idea and Supporting Detail for the Story. The main thing to notice is how the Supporting Details are related to the Main Idea

Which Supporting Detail is the strongest? In other words, which idea is most closely related to the Main Idea?

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Two Akha Brothers Divided a Turtle

Translated and Compiled by Bai Bibo

Long ago, two Akha brothers went up into a forest to hunt game for making their living. The two had shot a turtle. But because the two of them could not cut open the turtle, nor could they divide it between them, they quarreled with each other without stopping. The two could not think of a way to deal with this issue. At that very moment, they bumped into a man there. Therefore they let him be their go-between. The man was supposed to divide the turtle for them.

But the two Akha brothers were not going to stop their quarreling yet. The elder brother said that he wanted the head. The younger one argued that he wanted the tail.

Since the elder brother wanted the head of the turtle, the go-between cut it off and gave it to him. Since the younger brother wanted the tail, the go-between cut off the tail and gave it to him. The go-between himself took the remainder of the turtle, and as quickly as possible, he ran away and disappeared in the forest.

It is said that the two Akha brothers stood there and stared at each other blankly.


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