Mr. Bai Reading “Two Akha Brothers Catch a Turtle” in Hani

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Aqkaq ssaq niq meilnaol byuqqul byuqbiol aqma bil zaq

Galhhu aqbei, Aqkaq ssaq aqyivq meilnaol niq hhaq albol saqhav

hholqei saq leiq zaq li nga yil. Aqyo niaq byuqqul byuqbiol aqma qiq mol

hha bev al. Tyulliq, aqyo niaq byuqqul byuqbiol aqma yul mol maq dev

pav nia, maq bil zaq nia alnei, aqyo niaq deiq zaq qei zaq al. Aqyo niaq

hal jivq hha zaol leil maq nyuq duv nia al.  Cuv nei yul taq, yul gei col

qiq hhaq taoqpuq lal alnei, col yul hhaq

col kaq bi gee al. Col tyul hhaq a byuqqul byuqbiol aqma yul mol bi bil


Tyulliq, Aqkaq ssaq yul niq meilnaol deiq zaq qei zaq nieiq maq

naq nga siq. Algo aq wuqduq aol movq a leil eil. Aqnil aq daoqmiq aol

movq a leil eil. Algo yul hhaq wuqduq aol movq alngaoq leil, colkaq yul

hhaq nei byuqqul byuqbiol aqma yul mol e wuqduq dev ceiv alnei bivq

miq. Aqnil yul hhaq daoqmiq aol movq alngaoq leil, byuqqul byuqbiol

aqma yul mol e daoqmiq deiv ceiv alnei bivq miq al. Colkaq yul hhaq nei

byuqqul byuqbiol aqma yul mol e hholmol qiq mol mol joq meil bavq

alnei, yokol kol meil xeiv bial al.

Aqkaq ssaq yul niq meilnaol aq, qiq hhaq qiq hhaq yaol hucuv

cuv alnei, eqleq deq gaq nei jol nga siq.

Note: The Hani language is a tonal language. The most noticeable tones in the accompanying recording are the high and low tones.

The letter “l” indicates a high tone and “q” indicates a low tone

The Story in English
Translated and Compiled by Bai Bibo

Two Akha Brothers Divided a Turtle

Long ago, two Akha brothers went up into a forest to hunt game for making their living. The two

had shot a turtle. But because the two of them could not cut open the turtle, nor could they divide it

between them, they quarreled with each other without stopping. The two could not think of a way

to deal with this issue. At that very moment, they bumped into a man there. Therefore they let him

be their go-between. The man was supposed to divide the turtle for them.

But the two Akha brothers were not going to stop their quarreling yet. The elder brother said that

he wanted the head. The younger one argued that he wanted the tail.

Since the elder brother wanted the head of the turtle, the go-between cut it off and gave it to him.

Since the younger brother wanted the tail, the go-between cut off the tail and gave it to him. The

go-between himself took the remainder of the turtle, and as quickly as possible, he ran away and

disappeared in the forest.

It is said that the two Akha brothers stood there and stared at each other blankly.

This story was told by elder brother Al Heeq on July 12th of the year 2000 at Development & Agricultural Development for Akha(DAPA) in Chiang Rai City, Thailand, and written by Bai Bibo (Piu Bo).

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