About Transitional-Literacy.Org

Mission Statement

The overall mission of Transitional-Literacy.Org is to support adults transitioning to college, university, or technical schools; the emphasis is on academic and technical English language reading and writing.

Immediate Fundraising Goals 

An immediate goal is to raise funds for Textbook and School Supplies Grants for students enrolled in English for Academic Purposes courses and for students in their first year of college in Lawrenceville, GA USA.

Textbook Grants Awarded (Donations are welcome; see the Donate Button below)

Three $300.00 dollar Textbook Grants were awarded for students for the Spring 2018, Fall 2018 Semester, and the Spring 2019 Semester.

Two $100.00 dollar Textbook Grants have been awarded for the Spring 2020 Semester based on Fall 2019 Semester attributes.  

Populations and Locations Served

Beyond the broader population of students served by the academic English language resources on the website, the specific populations of adult learners who are served by the grants and the website include English language learners and first -year students needing assistance. 

Donations: We welcome any donations to assist in these modest textbook grants.

The site is free, however, donations are greatly appreciated any time of the year.

For further information and alternatative ways to contribute, contact academicrabbit@gmail.com, an address used to hop away from spam, bots, and all manner of hazards on the internet.  

Students are not permitted to donate.


The photo above was taken during a class in which villagers are learning the Hani written language at a Hani village in June of 2005. The Hani are one of many indigenous groups who populate a wide area of the mountainous border regions of China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. Before 1957, the Hani did not have a written language. It’s about 10:00 pm on a summer night in the Ailao mountains, southern Yunnan, People’s Republic of China. These are farmers learning to read and write in their own language. Learning to read and write in any language is empowering; by learning to read and write, this community is transitioning into a more complex, more beneficial level of thinking, communicating, and living.




6-24-7-1 Yunnan 057

6-24-7-1 Yunnan 055



6-24-7-1 Yunnan 003



6-24-7-1 Yunnan 008

6-24-7-1 Yunnan 177

6-24-7-1 Yunnan 187

6-24-7-1 Yunnan 191

IMG_05226-24-7-1 Yunnan 075


pic two LV Desert (1)

View to the west, off I-40, east of Winslow Arizona

Farm Gate to a Field Near Fayetville Arkansas

Feild of Flowers on the Oklahoma-Texas Border

Outside Santa Fe, New Mexico

View to the west to California across the Mojave about 40 miles north and west of Las Vegas

Moon rise over the Mojave-about 35 miles southeast of Las Vegas Nevada

Clouds over Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas Nevada

Pahrump Valley Nevada

Death Valley

The Sunset Cliffs on the Pacific in Ocean Beach California

Looking West from Ocean Beach California Across the Pacific

Sunset, Looking West from Ocean Beach California

Looking west 2 from the soutwest corner of the Las Vegas Valley

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